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Back in September 2019, we decided that retirement would be happening in early 2021.  In meeting that goal, there was much to consider, much to do.  The more we talked, the more we convinced ourselves that we had plenty of time to explore, plan, decide, organize and execute.  We would give ourselves a year.  And now, it seems like there is no time left at all.

In theory, everything sounded methodical, logical and plausible.  How finances would be handled, what to purge from the house vs. what to keep, our long-awaited dream of living abroad for a short while, where we would eventually move back to, how we would spend our time in retirement mode – it was discussed often and in earnest.  Our RETIREMENT BOOK is brimming with ideas, contacts and photos.

In reality, a lot has happened to throw us off our course.  2020 came in strong enough.  I purchased bubble wrap, tape and boxes to start the early packing – with a goal of getting the items my nieces and nephew would be getting out of the house, asap!  Then, a short while later, the world closed.  The books to be donated to the library have been stacked in the garage for months, the bags of household items and clothes for a donation run to nearest center lie along the stacks and next to furniture and assorted odds and ends.  We can’t get anything else in the garage, until what is in there is gone.

Places we wanted to visit, as potential moving sites, are not yet open for viewing.  Virtual reality tours are nice enough and they all look so shiny and new; but until you see them in person, you simply don’t know what you would be getting.  A business we want to sell is not drawing any buyers yet.  The business I want to keep is not growing because it depends on other businesses operating and thriving.  Stymied, thwarted, blocked…we are moving forward in slow-motion.

The two things we did manage to do: remove the jacuzzi and repair the fence.  All in the name of selling the home this fall, we have taken some steps to giving it a face-lift.  Each weekend we continue to clean out, clear out and throw out.  Zaf also wanted me to mention that he applied slurry to the driveway – twice!   We have made some calls to moving/storage companies, to get a ballpark estimate on costs for moving our things out, keeping them in storage while we are away and then moving them into our new home.  I also have a name and phone number of a service that packs your house and coordinates with the moving company…wonder how much that costs!  Yesterday I spoke to the pharmacy about getting enough medications for a lengthy stay abroad…an important issue!

Another big item on my to-do list is being totally mobile with my work needs.  Getting everything online from books and manuals is not easy.  Lots of copying, scanning and saving.  If I told you that I’m planning to save these materials in three different locations, would you think I’m neurotic?   Probably.  I just need to be sure that when we are on our journeys and I need to respond to a business question, my documents are completely accessible.   Business?  Yes, I’m only going to be semi-retired. 😊

As of this writing, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.  With caution, things are opening up…each day brings keen anticipation of new opportunities, potential and relief.  Let’s all keep a positive thought that all will go well.

In the meanwhile, I just ordered more bubble wrap!

We are on it!


Photograph of calendar From The Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf

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