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What’s Plan B?  That is the question that Larry asked himself when he reached retirement age.  An early career in advertising followed by a mid-career switch to coaching when the business world brought layoffs to many is the perfect background to his helping others answer the same question.

Larry then started his own business in the home improvement industry, but as the aches and pains arrived it was time again to make another change.  This transition was seamless.  Using his extensive coaching career, Larry’s Plan B was to create a place where RETIRE-AGERS™ can find the answers to get them to their own Plan B.

“Many retirees want to work because they are bored, but most want to work because they need to generate much needed income.  But how do they do that?” is the premise Larry is working on.  Indeed, in this fast-moving world, the information and opportunities that are available can be confusing at best.  Why not design an environment for the retirement community providing them with the “how-to” of finding work and/or starting a business?  And that is exactly what Larry has done.

Take the time to visit to see the excellent sources on how to find work, start a business, network with others and be part of our vital, energetic and interesting group.  Larry has explored, and continues to discover a wealth of much needed and essential support that is perfect for those of us who want to spend joyful and meaningful retirement years.

Also, check out:  Follow the group and engage with others. Do this today!  Get involved, Get moving, Get to your Plan B.

“This keeps me going. I am more excited today than I’ve ever been about what I do every day.  It is very stimulating and rewarding.  How long will I be able to do this?  I don’t know.  But even if I have a short run, it is worth it” Larry concludes.

In getting to know Larry, his dedication, experience and desire to help us, I predict a long, long run with his Plan B!

Photograph of Larry’s hand – published with his permission.

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