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2014 Thanksgiving

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We are ready to retire!  The countdown is upon us.  It seems like it happened overnight but indeed it has taken four+ decades to arrive at the door of a brand, new way of life.

Living takes time.  Each day we have lived has brought us closer to the day where we make the changes to go on, at a different pace and at a different place doing different things and exploring the world near us and far, far away. 

2021! Save the date!

We will retire, that’s what we plan, we expect, we hope and pray for.  I’m Helene and I spend lots of time exploring retirement options; where will we live, where would we travel to, what to do every day, how to make new friends should we move to another city, etc.  My husband is Zaf and he leaves all the exploring to me.  That’s not to say he doesn’t have an opinion.  He does weigh in after I present the question and a couple of answers; then the negotiating begins! 

Retirement is not a one-size fits all.  We each have a vision of what we expect will happen; in most ways, we are synchronized; in others, we need to compromise and find the right fit.  Our individual personalities, our like and dislikes, our preferences and choices make up a complex meshing of two people into one cohesive unit.  My dad once said that marriage was two horses pulling one cart; indeed, it has proven to be true.

The fun part is the exploration of how it will all come together, so we invite you to join in.  We promise you some insight, laughter and the joy of knowing that sharing life’s adventures is what we can each do for each other that makes life interesting.

We are on it!


Thanksgiving photograph from the Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf

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