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Explorers were the first travelers.  The most daring and adventurous set out to discover new lands, new people, new experiences.  They created the routes that allow us to touch the world.   Zaf and I are following in their footsteps.

There was always a sense of wanderlust for me, even as a child.  I would dream of far off places that I would visit dressed in sophisticated clothes and dark sun-glasses.  What was interesting to me was how the people lived.   I remember a school geography assignment where we had to pick a country and describe it.  Everyone but me wrote about the latitude and longitude, the weather, the gross national product.  I wrote about the food they ate, the style of clothes they wore, how they made their living, what the schools were like, etc.  I got an A!  The everyday living was key to understanding them…I knew that back then and this keen interest about people is still what excites me about travel now. 

Zaf and I did some traveling on our own, before we were married; and together we have done even more.  Right after our first trip I bought a journal with a picture of an airplane, a ship, a motorcycle and various cameras.  The wording on it says: Jetset, Travel, Bon Voyage, World Traveler and Let’s Go!  It has a kind of old-world, yet funky look to it.  In it, I have recorded every trip that Zaf and I have taken together, even little weekend getaways.  I record dates, itinerary, names of hotel/ships, restaurants, historical sites, activities, interesting people we meet along the way, etc. 

Retirement is the perfect time to reach my goal of filling up this journal, beginning a new one and several more after that.  We will be free from daily responsibilities, from a scheduled lifestyle, from deadlines and the pressure to meet them.  We will be free to roam around the world. 

We welcome you to our travels; past, present and future.  The more we explore the more we will share.  Feel free to make a comment, share an adventure, but don’t ask me how we are doing. Ask me “where are you now?”

We are on it!


Travel Journal Photograph from The Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf

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