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“Waist level” said the woman to the contractor when she was remodeling her kitchen.  No more bending to reach the pot in the back of the bottom cabinet or stretching to get the pitcher on the top shelf.  I totally agree.

Being good to ourselves is a must for us now.  Watching where we step, how we turn, how we sit, etc. helps us be safe and represents at least one measure of control of our actions.

As Zaf and I are beginning to move things out of the house – towards our goal of downsizing, it gives us the opportunity to move the things that we will keep into a better position to allow for easier movements and accessibility.  There really is no reason to have a multitude of soaps, shampoo, lotions, etc.  in the cabinet – one would think that there will be a worldwide shortage, so we need to store them up!  We are using them up as fast as we can!   Chairs and tables and other odds and ends that won’t make the cut for the move are being sold/donated.  It is amazing how simple and safer our actions can be once we remove the clutter!

Dropping things is a challenge with my lower back pain.  A deep breath is taken as I bend carefully to pick it up.  If it rolls under the bed or a bureau, the broom comes out and is put to good use. 

A while ago, I make a disparaging remark about pants with an elastic band at the waist.  After a beat, my older sister says: “What’s wrong with them?”  Duh – she was wearing them.  I gulped and tried to make amends.  And now…well, I saw a cute pair the other day when I was out shopping…but I resisted.  😊   One day soon, though, and they will be mine!

There is a wealth of comfortable, fashionable clothes for us Retire-agers in stores and online.  Given the per-centage of the population in our age group, we are a hot market.  I like the longer tops in particular – (don’t you just hate those short ones that cover nothing but your shoulders?!).  Sweaters have bigger buttons for those arthritic hands.  Shoes have Velcro closings – just like the ones for toddlers – and what a joy they are to get in and out of.   We can still look attractive and age appropriate with all the options out there – we can still be “cool” (not dowdy), we can still be stylish (not boring), we can still be Retire-agers (not old people)!  I just love exploring this new clothes thing!

Over the past months, I developed a system when changing clothes.  Pants, undies and socks come off all in one movement – since I’m pulling things down requiring a bending motion, why not?  I call it: One Fell Swoop!

We are on it!


Photograph of comfortable shoes from The Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf.

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