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Zaf with Oscar


We have reached the retirement milestone, one way or another, and we have the memories, the photographs, the scars to prove it!    Here’s what we did:

Raised children, cooked, cleaned the house, did the laundry.

Tended to ill parents/spouse/relative.

Worked 9 – 9 in an office, store, factory, farm, etc.

Started/managed/ran a business.

Fought in wars; protested wars; lived through wars.

Screamed over Sinatra, Elvis and The Beatles.

Use a key to tighten our roller skates.

Applauded the moon landing.

Bought tools at Sears.

Wore fringed vests.

Saluted the casket pulled by a rider-less horse

Played stickball and hopscotch on the street in front our house.  

Did the Lindy, the Stroll, the Locomotion, the Hand-jive, the Wahtusi and the Mashed Potatoes.

Dropped out, tuned out and found Nirvana.

Tasted our first frozen dinner.

Shaped our hair into a beehive.

Laughed at Lucy stomping grapes and nodded when Opie got words of wisdom from his dad, Sheriff Andy.

Read all about Archie, Veronica, Betty, Reggie and Jughead.

Made a phone call with a dime.

Rock N’ Rolled

Vee’d the Peace Sign.

Heard the tinkling of the milk bottles being delivered to the front door.

Visited Peyton Place.

Harmonized in four-parts.

Owned a hula hoop.

Put flowers in our hair.

Loved Edith Bunker.

Tried to understand Wifi.


Passed hand-me downs to younger siblings or wore one ourselves.

Had coffee in a local coffee shop, not a chain.

Marched for Civil Rights.

Tuned into American Bandstand.

Mourned Marilyn.

Read a real book and enjoyed turning the pages.

Shopped at Woolworth’s.

Sat on fire-escapes on hot, summer nights.

Forced to wear a snow suit over our Halloween costume.

Watched Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo and The Three Stooges.

Donned a Nehru jacket.

Hung love beads around our neck.

Twisted the night away.

Set the Mini skirt trend.

Recycled, repurposed, refinanced, reprogrammed, RETIRED!

Survived the 60’s, muddled through the 70’s, worked through the 80’s, connected online in the 90’s, explored retirement in the 2000’s and beyond!

We are on it!


Zaf with an Oscar from The Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf

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