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Zaf with suitcases

Our departure was on time.  Here is Zaf unloading the suitcases at the airport.  Our retirement adventure begins!  The first thing we explored is the way the check-in was handled…and am happy to report that it was very well organized with staff directing our way through the maze.  Travel is always a hassle, but so far so good.

Safe Space

Not only were we guided through the process, there were very few people and we all followed the 6 feet rule.  Everyone I saw was wearing a mask.  One jerk tried to get ahead of someone else and he was asked to leave – he became belligerent but enough staff/security got around him so he turned around a left, spewing bad words over his shoulder.  Honestly, some people are just too self-absorbed…for them it’s all about me, me, me!


Typically, when we book seats, Zaf and I always select aisle and window – playing the odds that no one picks the middle seat.  Sometimes nobody does, so it is empty, but sometimes someone does and then we ask if they can switch and give them the option of window or aisle so we can sit together.   This time though, the middle seat was already empty because the airline wouldn’t allow it to be selected so it was great!  We did not have to play arm rest shuffle!

We ate the same thing

They gave us a snack – an energy bar, some nuts and a bottle of water.  3.5 hours later they gave us the very same snack!  No variance, no choices, no extras.  Oh well, it cut off the hunger pangs for the time being…better than nothing.

Are we there yet?

We did not have to ask this question.  We left on time and got to Boston in record time: 4 hours and 53 minutes!  Under 5 hours coast to coast!   I guess there was no traffic! 😊

Not sure why…

We got our double doses of the vaccine; we tested negative as well.  It seems a bit nonsensical though…we take a test 72 hours before the flight, we then go about our business and could be exposed to the virus but we get our results back as negative, because at that moment in time it was.  Nobody asked us about the results of our test prior to boarding and nobody asked us when we deplaned five hours later – they just made an announcement saying that we need to self-quarantine if we are positive and that they trust us to do the right thing.  Well, we did – we got the shots and the negative test, so I put all our paperwork back in my bag.  We put our masks on and left the airport.


And so, we began our retirement journey.  We are now visiting family and friends as we once again explore New England.   Our aim is to retire well, Helene

Photograph of Zaf and luggage From the Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf

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