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May 8, 2020 No Comments
A Copenhagen

I want to be retired but not retired.  I don’t want to revisit – I want to reinvent.  I prefer to replace but not redo.  It’s better for me to reorganize but not to reprogram the regular old ways.   I plan to replenish not rework.

I will not recapture my youth – I will redefine my future.  I won’t waste time trying to reverse my ageing – I will revel in my years of experience.  It’s time for me to recollect my life and have no regrets.

Why go through the years ahead seeking to recover what once was and not recognize them as time to rewire and redesign?  I realize that it is easy to repeat and retrace remnants of a prior lifetime.  To recall life’s moments – good and bad – is a reminder of the way it was, but it is not a return trip.

I renounce and relinquish the recycling of useless reflections that, at best, reduce revelations of refreshing, relaxing and rewarding adventures that rightly await us.  

I reject the notion of restrictions acquired from living life to this point and relish in a new sense of freedom. 

I will keep treasured remembrances with respect as they are the roots of where I began – but the best way to give them the reverence that they deserve, is for me to roll out more riches to living a well-rounded life, as an effort to redouble the importance of their humble lives.

The rehearsal is over; the curtain is rising towards renewal.

Am ruminating a completely new rebuild to the rhythm of my life – it’s not a race to the finish, but a new route with resolute steps to reclaim the real me.  I choose not to just rearrange the furniture, but to reupholster and reposition when we relocate to a new residence.  

My goal is to review, reconsider, reimagine my options, not regress into the same old routines.  Am not reluctant to take the risk.  The bell is ringing towards a new road to follow, a ramp rocketing up to rousing bouts of laughter, rocking and rolling at a with a new rhythm, traveling to riveting new vistas and realizing that the world will soon see the rebranding of Helene.

I am open to receive what the universe is willing to release.  Roadways, airplanes and rivers of the world will ferry us to the doors I choose to open.  I am free to roam around the world.

I rejoice in the opportunity I have been graced with to grow old into a new reality.  I will revive my body.  I will resurrect my soul.

The Renaissance has begun.

We are on it!


River in Copenhagen from The Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf

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