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Last view of our home as we drive away.  Sold, packed, and moved in 45 days.  A milestone achieved with much anxiety (will we close escrow on time?)  and exhaustion (I can’t believe how much we still had to pack, throw out, donate, etc.  It was endless!)   But we did it and are off to the next step of our retirement adventure.  

There were just a few moments that got to me. As the movers took out the last piece of furniture from the bedroom, I sat on the large window sill and looked into the bathroom area which I designed and loved.  Black and white tiles on the floor.  The Greek Key design borders around the tub and shower.  A beautiful mirror with ancient Greek columns.  Flashing back to the time when I poured over design tiles to pick just the right one and working with the contractor to get it all just right.  My eyes welled-up.

When our next door neighbor of twenty years came over, wearing her mask and holding a bottle of wine, I burst into tears – as she did as well.  Her good-luck card was filled with sweet messages promising a continued friendship no matter where we lived. 

And then, when the moving trucks left and Zaf and I stood in the driveway prepared to drive away, I broke down…sobbing on his chest, I mourned and grieved the past, as the past, and finally pulled away with a smile and faced the future.

We’re in temporary housing for a few months;  settled in and made ourselves comfortable.  A new rhythm to our lives, already feel lighter as we now begin to plan for our trip in March; dates, places, transportation, people to contact, vaccinations, international driving licenses, etc. 

Two years ago we contemplated living abroad for six months – we hashed out the pros and cons time and time again.  And then, one night, after a long day of work, we made the monumental decision to make it happen.  What are we waiting for? – we asked ourselves.  And so we began to explore.

When and how do we tell our clients that we are going to stop working?  When do we put the house up for sale?  When do we go to Greece?   Where do we live between the sale of the house and our departure date?  (where we are now).   Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Taking one step at a time, facing some delays, we have made progress.  There were so many days (and nights!) that I thought that “this will never happen”; but the same focus and perseverance both Zaf and I have had in our lives to accomplish many things was applied and here we are!

Unbelievable!  And yet, we aim to Retire Well,  Helene  😊

Last photo of our prior home From the Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf.

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