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Photograph of Kasto steps leading to and from our hotel From the Personal Collection of Helene and Zaf


This former capital of Greece (1821-1834) has retained its charm and beauty over the centuries. 

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Pool of Water in Nafpaktos


This is our third visit to Nafpaktos because we absolutely love it! Small enough to be able to travel around effortlessly and big enough to provide a bustling environment filled with shops, restaurants and sites to see. And of course, where our dear friends Alecko and Tasoula live.

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Photo of Corfu Beach in Greece


A ferry ride away from Ighoumenitsa, just west of Ioannina where we stayed last is

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Spending five days in the prefecture called Epirus was a balance between total relaxation and

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Kastoria Lake


A beautiful city on the lake in northwestern Greece in the region of Western Macedonia…about

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Zaf with suitcases


Our departure was on time.  Here is Zaf unloading the suitcases at the airport.  Our

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